Real Estate Sector

Real Estate Sector

Ethio Real Estate Exhibition was held at the exquisite Skylight Hotel that lasted for two days starting from May 27th to 28th. This event was organised by Ethio Preview promotion and events. The main aim of this event was that the Real Estate sector is “brought together including developers, contractors, individuals seeking a living place, and relevant government authorities, and provide the environment to meet and conduct a consultative opportunistic discussion.” Says the event organiser.

Our member company, Ovid Real Estate was able to participate at this event.  As one of the organisers of the event has said in his opening statement, this event will continue to be organised every once in a while so that those looking for housing and those who develop housing have a common spot to connect.

The turnout was wonderful and the real estate team in collaboration with its marketing team as well as the rest of the group companies, Ovid Real Estate was able to outshine the rest of its competitors with its outstanding team effort and overall support from every Ovidian.

This was only possible by the intensive and unreserved collaboration that showed what team work and team sprit means. As it is clearly showed in the picture the rest of the Group companies were present in show of support.

The CEO, Commercial, Mr. Tamrat Tsegaye, in his statement said that he was overwhelmed with the effort the team  showed as well as with the support the rest of the Group Company showed the Real Estate team.  One would dare to say that when an Ovidian is called all Ovidians will come out in support. Which shows that one company’s success is the success of the whole group.

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